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Dear sista

All dear sistaaa...
Sekarang sista bisa like fan page kita di Verary OnLine Shop.
Karena keterbatasan friend list kita.
Met siang n Happy Shopping sistt ^^v

Dear sistaaa ...
You can now like our fan page at Verary OnLine Shop.
Due to the limitations of our friend list.
Good afternoon sistt n Happy Shopping ^^ v

有親愛的 sistaaa...現在,你可ۥ喜歡?們在 Verary OnLine Shop 的?絲頁面。由於ȑ們的?友清單中的限ȶ。快?購物的好下午 sistt n ^^ v

애 하? 모든 sistaaa...
지금은 우리의 팬 페이지 Veraryonlineshop에서 같은 수 ?습니다.
우리? 친구 ʩ록의 ?한으? 인해
은 오ۄ sistt n 행복 ?핑 ^^ v

べての親愛な sistaaa.今、私たちフ¡ンの?ージに VeraryOnLineShop ?うなことがで?ます?私達の友人のêスト?制限のために?良い?後の sistt n ハÃピー ·ョッ?ング ^ ^ v


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